60 Years After This Woman Got Married, She Put On Her $69 Wedding Gow…

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A granddaughter took a photograph of her grandmother on her 60th wedding anniversary, and the picture quickly went viral on social media. For while the elderly lady’s outfit may only have cost $69.95, everyone at the event – and plenty of online commentators – agreed that she looked a million dollars.

Janith and Joe Goedde, from Haubstadt, Indiana, are an 80-something couple who are the proud parents to nine children and boast 25 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. But even more impressively, the pair have been man and wife for a very happy 60 years.

Yes, the Goeddes’ big day on May 11, 1957, at the Saint James Catholic Church in Haubstadt was a wonderful affair. In fact, the festivities were captured on a camera that Joe had bought while serving in the army overseas. The resulting pictures show a happy couple in their 20s with a stunning tiered wedding cake, while their bridesmaids wore colorful dresses and carried bouquets made of daisies.

But while their wedding may have been a modest event, there was something about that day that ensured they would become international news 60 years later. Indeed, it all started when a heartwarming image of their 60th anniversary celebrations hit social media. The tweet in question soon swept across the Twittersphere and swiftly went viral.

You see, the Goeddes wanted to mark 60 years of marriage with a special occasion. So in April 2017 they held a special celebratory mass at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Haubstadt followed by a get-together at the town’s Carriage Inn. It wasn’t a small affair, either, as more than 60 family and friends arrived.

Ahead of the ceremony, though, their granddaughter, Alison, took a photograph of her grandmother. And it was this image that was shared online and captured so many hearts. Indeed, people couldn’t believe how good her granny looked at the age of 80.

But a large part of this warm reaction was due to the outfit that Janith had chosen to wear that day. Yes, she had dug out her original, 60-year-old wedding gown, which in 1957 had the price tag of $69.95. And incredibly, all those years on, the dress still fitted her frame nicely.

Luckily, Janith had kept the precious item in a plastic bag, which meant that the dress had retained its freshness and color. So, 60 years on, the wedding-day outfit with a lace fitted bodice and pearl-like sequins was ready for a second appearance. And Janith looked absolutely stunning in the floor-length Chantilly lace dress.

The octogenarian was, unsurprisingly, delighted that the wedding gown she had last worn in her early 20s was still such a good fit. In fact, in May 2017 Janith told ABC News how she had actually lost some 40 pounds before the diamond event, and people had certainly noticed. “Everybody comments to me on it,” she said.

Still, it was one of her daughters who suggested she should get out her wedding gown ahead of the big anniversary. So, Janith had headed up to the attic to find the dress. And while she admitted it was a “little tight” at the time, she still later wowed everyone at the celebration.

Not least her appreciative husband, Joe. Indeed, Joe wasn’t keen on making a big fuss over their 60-year milestone at all. But he told ABC News that his wife looked “beautiful” after seeing her in the stunning wedding dress.


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via ABC News https://goo.gl/kJ44u8

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  1. There was a time, not so very long ago when this "story" would have not been a story. Everyone stayed married for a lifetime. In fact, my aunts divorce in the late 60's was talked of in hushed voices well into the 1980's and beyond. Just recently my voice became hushed when I was speaking of family history and the divorce was mentioned! People thought of marriage as something that was solid as rock.
    I overheard a girl recently joke about someone who would be her 2nd husband! THAT, to me was shocking.

  2. Priceless, my husband and I were married 60 years before he passed away, I once said to him ,” When are we going on our honey moon ?” He said “ Baby, we are on our honeymoon!” It lasted 60 years . Love 💕 Laughter 😆 commitment 😇. And forgiveness are some of the things that make a good and happy marriage ,oh and always say
    I love you more today then yesterday…………..even if you feel like kicking his butt………or hers ! Happiness begins with a smile and I love 💕 you!

  3. This dress is timeless, it wouldn't look out of place on a bride today. Maybe one of her granddaughters will end up wearing it. Maybe just needs a little steam to freshen up the lace, that's all. And I certainly wouldn't get back into my wedding dress!

  4. Gosh how fantastic is that – not only the dress surviving but the lovely lady still fit in and looks amazing. All those years ago at a cost of 69 dollars which would be expensive at that time. Good health and more happiness to the lovely couple.

  5. Gown was Wrinkled really bad, how about a trip to the laundry ? The dress appears really not as Poofy as before. Not fresh. The ruffles are crushed & the Tule is squashed, flat. Needed a boost up bra too.

  6. Awesome they have been married 60 years ..
    My parents are going on 53 years..
    Im going on 16 years..
    With God and Jesus in your heart and life, a good long marriage is possible..

  7. A couple were married mom came up to her daughter and whispered in her ear. The couple lived a loving caring 65 years together. People alwas remarked how they got along never having bad words. Well his wife now was in the hospital the husband holding her hand. She spoke remember the old wood box in the closet that i never let you look in .The man nodded, go get it for me now she asked. A while later he returned and handed her the box. She opened it and in it there was 2 knitted dolls and over 4000.00 dollars. The wife held up the two dolls and said my mother told me if i was ever angry at you to knit a doll. The man looked at his wife amazed that through out their marriage she was only mad at him twice what a loving woman he thought smiling at her. Then he spoke again well whats with all the money. Oh the wife said after a while i needed room in the box so i sold the dolls that wouldn't fit.
    Thats sort of how the joke goes spice it up it was long to tap out

  8. They are such a lucky couple surrounded with bundle of joy. Reaching 60 years of happy marriage is one thing couple's look forward to it. Some leave early or being divorced. A happy memory that can take to the second life.

  9. What a feel good story ! (My husbands grandparents lived to be in their mid to upper 90's and celebrated their 80th anniversary.) May God bless this amazing couple with many more years of marital bliss 🙏🏻💍🎂💕

  10. I find the manner in which these stories are conveyed lengthened too much so that the point is not only drug out forever but also hard to find?

  11. ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!! How wonderful to see couples who stick it out n don't give up so easy and fight for their marriage. Sadly so many throw in the towel at the sign of the smallest bit of trouble because they don't want to have to work for it. Or one of them does something so stupid that there's no forgiving them…n that's who should've prob not married …or at least delayed it. You have to make an effort to keep your spouse happy n don't just become slobs n lazy. You need to keep dating n keep the magic going! No matter what you should always kiss goodnight and never sleep apart…when home that is…n never go to bed angry. Putting in effort will pay off in the end if it's not something like adultery, drugs, abuse, or such. Everything can be worked out if you talk it over n be honest. N most of all, God should be head of the home and they should pray n worship together.
    Wish this handsome couple many blessings n hope they're blessed with more quality time together!! Happy Anniversary!!! 💝🔔💍💋💏💖🕊🎁🌈🎉🎈🎊🎀🎆✨🎇 💘
    A special shout out to my folks… they are both sadly gone now n taken to soon from us, but they would've had their 60th on June 1st right after this couple. 💗 They were blessed with 53 yrs together, 5 kids n 7 grandkids. I miss them EVERY day n hope to have a long, happy marriage like they did. They were devoted to each other til the end. 😍
    Bless all married couples that are dedicated to making the marriages last! 😘🕊❤💟💞

  12. She had nine children and 60 years later she can still fit her wedding dress. Damn I wish I had her genetics lol.

  13. So nice, very pretty bride , the dress is beautiful. Congratulations on your sixtyth, The dress still looks great on you.😊😊

  14. Married in 1956, my gown was bought off the rack at Priscillas of Boston for $65.00, it looked a lot like Grace Kelly's gown. My cake (4 tier) cost $50.00. I wish I fit in my gown now, but…….I ate the 🍰. 😍

60 Years After This Woman Got Married, She Put On Her $69 Wedding Gow…

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