Are you scared of change? – Motivational video [Feat Peter Dinklage]

Are you scared of change? – Motivational video [Feat Peter Dinklage]

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Speaker – Peter Dinklage

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Inspirational Piano Music – Impossible is Nothing

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Most Dramatic Background Music – Atlas

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  1. I found the original speech with constant laughing of graduates too annoying. You have done great job editing out the annoying laughs and adding uplifting sound track.

  2. He stayed at a shitty job for six years? I usually only last a year before i sense its time to leave because its killing me.

  3. Hello Guys!We are making inspirational videos that will definitely change your perceptions about life.Please visit our channel Subscribe and be our mates in this journey.Thanks

  4. I am not scare of change. I just choose not to waste my life on people that are not worth my time. I am not scare to follow paths, I just don't want follow paths that I don't want to do in life. Follow yourself not others. Follow your dreams, because in the end it's your life.

  5. You sir are an inspiration and a hero. If not to many at least me. Thank you for standing tall even when the ones around you didn't want to stand with you!

  6. I dont get why those fcking morons and idiots laugh in the beginning not grasping the idea of what he is telling..

  7. when i was 16 i found out through a friend's mother that i probably have what my friend has, and that day i learned the name of a condition that my mother never told me about, that seemed to be made up to perfectly describe me: autism. for a few years i tried to figure out what this meant for me and could i live a normal life? after flunking my try at a higher education i got into contact with the right services to help me get a job fit for my pro's and cons, took a shot at living on my own, both failed and i found my way to a home for people with autism and other mental disabilities. now i've known since i found out that it's not something that puts a limit cap on what i can achieve, but it means that i'll get there much slower, so when i went there i said to myself "i'll get the help i need, and then give adult life another shot." now i've been living there for the past seven years, and in ways i've grown and in others i've been stuck. one thing i regret dearly is that the guts i've had, taking on new challenges, they more or less left me and i found my perfect confort zone, living where failure was always an option and a stern talk were all the concequence of bad behavior i'll ever get. but my goals haven't really changed, they've just become this scary thing that feels good to work toward but terrifying to maybe one day get to. lately though, i've been making headway and actually i've started my first big goal of learning to drive, to open up the world and after that i'll get a job, any job, and then i'll just move out entirely. well those last two are still pretty scary, but i'm learning every day that scary isn't that scary and i can accomplish things. a year ago i wouldn't pick up the phone to make a business call, today i'm handling my own business more and more.
    so yeah… this video really resonates with me, and it feels like a gush of wind in the sails that i've finally spread wide. i might crash my ship into some rocks along the way but i'm confident it won't sink. we'd all like to dream of doing more whilst staying where we are, especially if where we are is safe, but only if we start today, only if we wake up every day and squeeze life for that great lemonade, only then will we actually end up where we actually want to be.

  8. tyrion lannister, dr house, captain jack sparrow, Saul goodman, sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) must meet in a room and have an argument together on the meaning of life.

Are you scared of change? – Motivational video [Feat Peter Dinklage]

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