Good News This Week!


It’s summer! Let’s turn off the 24/7 doomporn newsfeed and tune in to some good news for a change. From game-changing legal decisions to the turn away from zombie tech, here’s all the news that’s actually fit to print.

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  1. Tobacco companies have put warning labels on their product fore decades, Roundup adds additional poison to our GMO food supply, which is not labeled. If Tobacco companies have to pay compensation to smokers, Monsanto should also be on the hook.

  2. Do not get excited so soon and so quickly! The act was a safety valve release to shut the mass up and keep doing what they have. This is the name of politics. A drop from an ocean is not good news and is terrible news where it has fooled the mass. Good news is when Monsanto and similar corporates get shut down forever.

  3. ironically glyphosate saved us from zika. if you search the ggl trademark mosquitos – it appears that the glyphosate in catfood saved us from imminent zika. so after removing this they might implement a strange disease x scenario. so don't throw away you glyphosate just yet. just saying.

  4. Thinking Humans : Geoengineering , Chemtrails , SRM , Weather Warfare , Dew . CANNOT BE DENIED ! The longer Peeps stay in DENIAL on the nefarious Agendas : the likely hood of it becoming reality increases ~ ! TAKE ACTION NOW FOR ALL LIFE ! PROTECT OUR EARTH IN ANY WAY YOU CAN ~!

  5. Please share. All of us reach different audiences and by sharing we have the opportunity to awaken more of humanity. Stay Hopeful and be the spark of Hope for others.

  6. This is just a financial dent in the "sinister shield" of MON-SATAN. Not significant enough of a blow to ransack these bastards and their products, back to hell.

  7. Thanks for this report. Yeah for the ruling in US and judge in Brazil. And smart meters glad not to have them anywhere.

  8. THANK YOU for some good news! You are right – we are all parched and thirsty for what's becoming scarce – good things happenin' in the world.

  9. Sorry. Civil awards only hurt almost everyone, and wildly enrich a few. Not to mention assholes (I mean lawyers). CRIMINAL sanctions is the way to go if blood is sought. Meanwhile, we need tort reform, not the other thing. This is totally bass ackwards.

    It's perverse to celebrate huge civil judgments. It's very simply perverse. They fix nothing, and innocent people pay.

  10. Thanks for sharing some good news. I bet people are getting tired of all the doom and gloom I n this world. We do need something good to see.

  11. Happy to get some good news. I kindly request you cover the Talpiot Program and Israeli theft of American tech for your next big report. You seem to not spend enough time on the Zionist problem.

  12. You nailed it brother… we are creating our own reality. Focus on the positive. We are the ones we have been waiting for! <3

  13. Unplugging from the Matrix, James? The movie The matrix was about waking up from Maya and Samsara as its put in the Eastern teachings and Satan in the middle eastern and western to Reality, Nirvana, Samadhi, Infinite & Cosmic Consciousness, Spiritual Enlightenment Supreme Self Realization, Heaven, Brahman, Tao, Buddha Nature, etc. ! Of course it can secondarily be interpreted to mean escaping the brainwashing, propaganda, mind control of the (or any) Empire. Of course its good for kids to do other things sometimes than use the internet but to say their unplugging from the Matrix & getting into the "real world" is ridiculous. Your "real world" is just as much part of Maya, Samsara, Satan (maya means limitation, not illusion,though the way most people perceive things is an illusion,& Satan is not an evil man with a pitchfork, but same as maya/samsara plus evil & destructive side of life) as the internet & computers ! If the internet is the "matrix" or part of it then why r u using it so much or even at all ?! U sound like your demonizing the internet & computers ! Obviously the internet is a great & very important thing ! Demonizing the internet is not going to save the world, James. But yes, there should be balance in peoples lives & its good to do other things sometimes. Same with your fake revolution of using flip phones. You sound like your developing an intense aversion to the internet! So people will talk & chatter on the phone more and use a little less social media or internet. So what ! People were already doing that before the internet happened ! More chattering bullshit ! Im sure thats really gonna create a better world ! What about real solutions instead of demonizing the internet & calling it the matrix & telling people to go back to chattering on the phone instead ?! Lmao😅😁😂 Internet, like any tool has to be used in a healthy, positive way, not demonized & called the matrix & replaced with another tool that will be misused just as much by the same people ! Internet can be and is a liberating & beneficial thing for humanity & shouldnt be demonized like you seem to be doing !

  14. 1. will be appealed. 2. Bayer will will create a spinnoff company without much value to go bankrupt so that nothing remains to be sued.

  15. It may look so pretty and good on the cover, but as with the AJ case, don’t you think there may be another deeper intention behind it? Coincidence that the RoundUp case ended with a 289,000,000$ payout shortly after Bayer bought Monsanto for 62,500,000,000$ in June? Of course, at that point they would have known about that trial and the risk of hefty payouts. Maybe someone thought of a new way to shift badly needed (freshly printed) cash from Europe to America? As Corbett tends to say Follow the Money. Thoughts?

  16. Corbettreport, please contact HighImpactVlogs and The Last American Vagabond and discuss forming some kind of collaboration. As YouTube censors, we must counter with opposing strategy. We are stronger together than divided. It’s time for YouTube investigative journalists to get together…

  17. I might say my thoughts to the courtcase with Monsanto. First the chemical glyphosate is available under many different brandnames after the patent run out. Here in South East Asia it comes in may different product names. First I too though that this is simply good news for mankind but we forgot about a very important point. And that is the recent takeover from Monsanto by the German company Bayer. Why would a company like Bayer would buy a company who is facing courtcases like just this single one costing close to 300 mit. dollars? Doesn't make sense. There can be only be two reasons and both with the same deeper plan. One is Bayer really didn't know. Second they knew but bought Monsanto anyway. So and the deeper plan for both possibilities is an other destabilisation of German industry. Right now almost all big German car producers stopped their production in fear of new suings. This is a mayor problem for German economy plus the migrant crises it looks to me as a economic war against Germany.
    Consider these facts and then it is not such good news any more.

Good News This Week!

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