How a New Years Eve can go horribly wrong

So the reason why I was so broken over the last few days was because I got no closure. Me and her had plans to go to her family friends house for new years and to sleep over her house.

Then all a sudden last minute a change in plans happens her cousin is coming which is totally fine… but it then she basically tells me I have to sleep on the couch when me and her had plans for new years so i got a little annoyed because I cant sleep on a couch, I didnt even yell just got annoyed because I don’t like sleeping on couch because my back will hurt” because I have back injuries”. Then I get there and I am practically invisible……..she is enjoying her self with everyone else and I go to her and say hi.

she says “what just go associate with other people here”..

I respond

” but I don’t know anyone”.

her response

“neither do I just my friends and my family.”

I said

“I literally don’t know anyone but you and you brother and mother”

At the end of the night I was like why are you so cold to me. I was buzzed and couldn’t drive home.

I couldn’t leave the place because she dove and my phone was dead.

So finally the night ends we get to her house

then I waited on the couch feeling really sick. a little time went by I went to my car to get a sweater then she locks me out

finally she let me back in I ask her to call a taxi. she finally does

I whisper to her and I was like” just do you” nice a calmly

meaning do you for the night.. When we were at her house. ” like if you want me to leave fine do you and have a sleep over with your cousin”

So I got annoyed she didnt want me to stay because who wouldn’t want to have there bf stay on new years exspcially when its not safe to drive..

so I got a little annoyed and actually found the alcohol tester in my car and I was 0.01 below the legal limit I just felt really sick

So then I left…. as soon as I get home she deletes me blocks me from everything all I wanted was closure on to why and what went so wrong when two days before new years eve everything was fine she told me she loved me back. I messaged her mother twice and said something really nice and then the second message was asking if I could speak to her daughter for closure.

I then texted my her “my ex” and said can we grab coffee and be civil so I can atleast get closure and the response I get is stop wth Social Media and stop messaging my family and leave me alone. Let alone I never blasted her phone or anything. Seriously Im still confused on to what the hell happened and why she is acting this way

I just wanted closure because I was erased out of no where. Her next message was Im going to call the cops..

Are you serious. How does someone do that?

Low and be hold she brought me to the kids house that she is now hooking up with. That was the new years party I went to with her.. Not even knowing anything.

She was a awesome person don’t you think?

In life we are taught to love and and treat people with respect in which I do to every person I meet. well I don’t love every person I meet but I treat them with respect and how I want to be treated I thought this girl was an angel. I thought I fell in love but all it was infatuation. People like her will learn there lesson one way or anther . 

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How a New Years Eve can go horribly wrong

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