The human body is really ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY?

Is the human body really ancient technology? … if so, does it have a soul?
“Doesn’t look like anything, to me.” -Bernard, WestWorld.

(Edited out the portions where the music was too loud.) Live Stream from 3/17/18 reupload.

❝ Welcome to the JayDreamerZ Channel! I focus on alternative reality while balancing Reason and Creativity. ❞

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❝ Welcome to the JayDreamerZ Channel! I focus on alternative reality while balancing Reason and Creativity. ❞

Looking forward to reading YOUR comments!

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  1. Very cool Jay! Its scary to realize the possibility that most people are not real. If you had to say what percentage do you think has a real soul out of the total population? Eternal love.

  2. I agree with another commenter here, you are too hard on yourself. We embrace your quirkiness ❀️ you don’t have to apologize when something gets screwed up or you’re not as β€˜prepared’ as you think WE think you should be. You’re perfect, I appreciated what you do, and if everything were flawless and perfect and went off without a hitch, maybe then I’d think you were a clone πŸ€ͺ

  3. Jay, love your work, but it seems like soul, spirit and consciousness were used interchangeably here and they are each different things. Mannerisms and such come from DNA, programming, which is why people inherit mannerisms from parents. Our memories are stored in the soul and the soul is the tool that lets us play here so to speak, it’s like a memory card or SIM card, it is unique to us, likely determined by astrology and creates our character here. It also carries over in the reincarnation process. Spirit is the core essence of a living being, only a handful of people have a spirit; dead entities do not have spirit as it is part of Source/god. Consciousness is not just knowledge, it is internal knowledge, awareness of thought and truth of how the world works/sentience so no, a book does not have consciousness because it is not self aware nor is it capable of self-awareness. I don’t think consciousness can be copied because it is awareness, nor can spirit, but soul is possible because it is a product of the system here.

    It’s a complex and intricate system and your point of programming robots to be like us is an important one. There are already bots, clones, AI here among us, they look just like us so if we are to take on transhumanism then we we will be just like them.

  4. Maybe is the way you use the knowledge gained, in being your analysing and transforming knowledge in to constant action πŸ˜‰

  5. I was exactly where you where in my life, until, I started to give everything away, and wanted to live a life that could be of services to people. Now I'm so far away. From where I want to be. But just making those tiny steps forward, allows you to see, that you can't not serve two master.

    What you have just said about join both the left and the right hand path, and finding the middle ground is what satan wants . He wants you to belief that neither he or God exist. He wants you to think that you complete power over your life to choose either God or Looserfur. When the real truth is, if you don't belief the Jesus came to earth to die on the cross, and rise three days latter. That when he died he defeated Looserfur, went down hell, and took the keys of death from satan, came back up with all the saints who where not perfect enough to enter Heaven. And stayed another 40 days, until his decibels saw him leave in a cloud and floated back, up to Heaven.

    Many people think this is a make believe storey. But it's not. Please take the time to watch these video's if you have a chance. Please my brother, I don't want anyone to have made the wrong choice, due to lack of ignorance. Trust me I was the most ignorant person alive, because I thought I knew every. Once I started to read and to learn, these three men, stopped me on their tracks and everything I had learn all started to fall into place, and I had some many of those awe ha! Moments it was nuts!

    Then I got angry, and thought why haven't we been thought this information? Why have we always been force fead B.S? It was the largest opening of my mind, that I have every had.. I've done all the psychedelics, all the new age things, yoga, chanting, Wicca, new age old age, magic.

    And my conclusions was there was most definitely a darker force at play here, just slightly before my reach. I wanted to know God, I tried, Native Spirituality and many of those ways resonated with me, because I am 1/2 native.

    The more I learned, the more I kept searching. I'd say I'm pretty street smart, worldly, and have a handle on most topics in a vary worldly array. This means nothing though. We all arrive, when we arrive. But please don't dismiss the right hand path, because you won't Jesus in Church. He is in the forest, the trees, the starts at night. The birds the sun, in you and I. He is the true creator of this universe.

    I've made a short play list, pleas take the time to watch and tell me what you want think? If your going to try and bleed both sides, you'll come to relish that oil can't mix with water.

    Here are those video's. If you ever get scared, or find your self In a life or death moment, cry out to Jesus! He is right beside you! Just say, Jesus! And he will show up in your life, am.

    Ron Wyatt's playlist of all his discoveries

    Thomas Fischer " Cardboard Box Church " street healing movie

    Torbin- The last Reformation of God

    These Pastors are responsible for leading me into a relationship with Jesus. They are apart of my awesome testimony! Yeah Jesus saves! Yeah Jesus lives inside of all those who believe in him! Amen

    Each one of these men believe as I do. That churches and religions are not teaching the full gospel of Jesus Christ! They do not belong to a church, they simply teach the gospel and practices the teachings of Jesus! Just like Jesus did, when he was on earth.

    I hope that your able to watch these with your family, and then discuss what you have just witnessed? The Lord is eager to have you reach out to him, my brother. God bless you all, in Yahshua HaMashiach's mighty name! Amen

    Oh your life, will never be the same. In such a good way!

  6. I have wondered about reincarnation, and whether their bodies have been hijacked in the womb, or when they were born. If So the invading spirits life memories, and physical ailments, marks may be imprinted on the new born they hijacked? If they have figured out how to transfer the soul or spirit maybe they choose a new vessel to enter? There have been several films where they are trapping souls, using symbols and black magic, to contain them to use their power or energy? maybe that's what they are doing? I read a book in the 90's called The Only Planet of Choice, in that book its says that because of the fleshly desires we have when we are in the body, some spirits that pass choice not to go where they are supposed to. That because their desires were strong they wanted to be back in the body, and that we have bottled neck ourselves around the planet?

  7. I feel its emotion that makes us human?, as robots can only mimic feelings and emotions, they may think they can create a soul or spirit, but they are not the Creator. We may have been programmed to think think that robots have emotions, so they can deceive us into thinking that they have soul or spirit?

  8. It's weird because you want to be important enough to clone but don't want to be. Stupid ego ruins everything lol.

  9. They created us like droids.. in series… but they put something that we cannot replicate in a droid: emotions… sensitivity.

  10. What if the older pictures were made based on the current person, and posted? JS, a possibolity, as they have so many posing in front of their likeness.

  11. Your soul is throughout your entire body because it is within your blood. Every organisms blood has a specific and unique frequency to it, that's a scientific fact.

  12. lol I was one of those people! U look just like my buddy Timmy and its so crazy. Now you look like you b/c I watch you so much, but before it was all I could think of when I watched you.

  13. This what you’re taking about my friend, is MK Ultra.. watch Kanye West after his outburst live on stage, within days he’s at Trump Tower with a vacant look on his face.. keep up the good work brother you blow my mind πŸ˜ƒ

  14. So what would you think if I told you that Atoms, Protons, Neutrons, Nukes, Black Holes, Gravity, Evolution, DNA and Nanotechnology are ALL CGI Cartoons Lies?
    Yes I said DNA is just a CGI cartoon that you've beLIEved from the exact PROGRAMS that you've talked about many times!
    Just as the πŸ‘ πŸ‘ know that the Jesuit/Crypto Jew/Freemason = ROME COCKroaches are evil but keep their Created beLIEfs that were designed to CONtrol and Divide the πŸ‘ πŸ‘ of the world..
    They COPIED the Trinity and used the exact stories used throughout His Story a very long time before the Alexander and Flavius/Piso families wrote the BiBaaL and End Time Fear Porn and Dante creating the fake Satan and Hell by turning Shiva into the fake red horned beast.
    Jesus =He Zeus/Hail Zeus
    Jesus is Serapis/Zeus/Horus =Sun
    Amen =Amen-Rah, Amon, Aman, Ra, Rah =Sun
    You want to have the triggered knee jerk reaction to think I'm wrong but I'm not…
    You're giving the puppet masters pulling the strings way too much credit and giving them the power and knowledge that they wanted you to beLIEve!
    The AI and Walking Dead takeover is the evil talking about us, not robots or zombies!
    You've only seen these fake robots on TV PROGRAMS.
    Reminds me to say RIP fake Stephen Hawkins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    God or Gods bless!

    -Michael Lee

  15. Genetics is a Hoax,It's an atheistic BS to cover up existence of the spirit realm. It's reincarnation of the spirits. The so called "DNA"/source code/blueprint exists in the "morphogenic field" & is not "physical" per se.

  16. Awsome!! Yep you got me. Lots of fun though, very creative! Your information has definitely got me thinking differently, especially about words. I'm constantly breaking down words now, and my husband's doing it too now, we'll text each other words and be like "OMG I never noticed this" haha. About the ghosts… Sometimes I wonder if people manifest things into reality. And you started talking about Ghostwriter music and how you sent them an email and they didn't reply. I started laughing. It's because they're ghost writers πŸ˜‚

  17. I believe what makes us conscious is the ability to process information and act according to the predicted consequences of or actions. Making these decisions throughout our lives build the "consciousness" based on the knowledge and information we have stored in our memories, learning and adapting to different moments through our lives. That is what makes and molds us all differently. Love your content by the way. Thanks

  18. Thank you for your personal continual understanding, influence coupled with know-how to support my experience to becoming increasingly consciously watchful together with spiritually connected.

  19. What makes me is my integration and interpretation of life. I am organic, not mechanic. I have flow not programs. And especially I am creative, unlike machines.

  20. @jaydreamerz how do I start the sponser thing I want a signed 1st edition of your book when it's done, and to support your cause of course

The human body is really ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY?

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