What I Got My Kids For Christmas 2017! | 4 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas o…

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  1. I’m so happy you shared this video with us! My 9 year old loves unicorns and I’m definitely getting that onesie thank you! Loved all the gift choices

  2. Wow u got great deals for all of that per child only $80 that's unbelievable u did a great job .We're all of the gifts on sale? That's amazing great buys for only $80 per child. Tyfs Happy holidays …

  3. I remember when we were kids we all got new bikes. I think I was approx 8, so my sister would be 6 and my twin brothers 4

    It was excellent because Mum and dad had already got bikes. But these were our first real bikes, especially for the twins. We would now go on family bike rides. I grew up in (and moved back to) a small village in Yorkshire, England. So we were on the edge of countryside and had plenty horse and cycle tracks. So we’d all be in a row, 1 parent up front, the other at the rear. I loved those bike rides. They regularly ended with a stop at a local pub, us kids could play in the beer garden/Park/playground, and we’d all have a glass of juice and a pack of crisps. Or Mum would pack a picnic and we’d stop near the lakes so we could feed the ducks.

    It’s only as I got older I realised it must have been an expensive Christmas that year. But it was worth it for the Memories.

  4. I think i will get that microscope for my son for his birthday as ive already got his christmas gifts. Thanks for the idea !

  5. I know I always say I absolutely love you and your videos! I just wanted to say if you ever get footed pjs you could put hot glue on the bottom of the feet and it makes them not so slick on your floors. Just a lil tip I use for my son's socks Lol!! I love waking up and watching your videos!! Have a wonderful day!

  6. I love the way you chose 4 gifts with real thought however I'm one of 3 sisters and I absolutely detested when I was bought the same gift as my siblings. You could count of them opening it first and ruining my surprise or visa versa. Just a slight tip for thought x

  7. I am super excited about the microscope with Bindi Erwin's voice. My older step-kids used to watch Steve Erwin's show and my younger kids used to watch Bindi's show. What an mazing family.

  8. I love the book you chose for her, I'm thinking of getting something like that for my almost 5 year old cousin 🙂

  9. You did a great job. It's good to stay within a budget and not buy too much. I always do the same and they appreciate their gifts more.

  10. Cool book for Lilly. My kids loved those talking or singing books when they were little. I love your simple approach to gifts. My mom always got my kids LOTS of lower quality gifts when they were little. She believed in quantity over quality mostly. When they have too many gifts it becomes overwhelming. We always gave our kids 3 gifts each to reflect the 3 gifts given to Jesus.

  11. Great Idea's. I totally understand trying to stay even with the gifts. I have three kids and do the same. Great job.

  12. I've watched all these so far, and I have been so excited to watch it with my 19 month old as soon as she wakes up! You did a great job with these videos & you did so good making everything even! Great job Mommy!!! 💚💚💚

  13. My 4 year old daughter LOVES anything unicorn. Those pajamas are adorable. For the "something to read" for our 6yo son, he picked out a book from Costco that I went back and grabbed, too. It's one of the big Smithsonian kids learning books called the Explorium of Nature. It's got such great full page photos and information on everything from plants to animals to bugs!

  14. I want those jammies in my size! I love how everything is pink and teal those are my favorite colors this is getting me so pumped to give Townes his presents I can't wait for Christmas

  15. I got the same bike on black Friday! My daughter is about a year younger than Lily, so she may be a little small for it, but I know she'll grow into it soon.

What I Got My Kids For Christmas 2017! | 4 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas o…

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