Romelu Lukaku scored two goals for Belgium in their 3-0 win over Panama and is Belgium’s all-time top goalscorer. Yet, Lukaku admits he is still vilified by some fans. Lukaku deserves so much better, here’s why.

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  1. Lukaku, my guy. When he's banging in 35 goals next year he'll be getting all the praise in the world but he deserves it now. Belgium fans need to back big Rom.

  2. Yep Lukaku is a boss.He's taking the golden boot and taking the premier league by storm come this season…

  3. Obiously Lukaku has some very good strengths with his power, shooting/heading and positioning. However I REALLY think he needs to improve his first touch on the ball massively, I can't remember how many times per game he lost control of the ball being passed to him only because of that poor first touch. Never seen a striker with that poor first touch in premier league top teams. I really want to like Lukaku more and I know he's very good besides that, but for me to praise him and like him more he needs to improve in that area.

  4. He's already world class mate. He can walk into most world class teams starting 11. If that isn't world-class i dont know what is

  5. sam if you feed him he will score last season he had half a chance of harry kane and he was just waiting for a ball he was not getting involved and he was hated and heavily criticized i believe he is world classs.

  6. Only unsuccessful people want others to fail. Lukaku has a strong mentality and will be a top top player when he hits his peak.

  7. Great player. If we could get some decent service to him he could score 40 goals. Looking forward to seeing him become a special player.

  8. About Belgium fans wanting him "to fail", it shouldn't be too hard to get, to be honest. The guy should be playing for whatever country in Africa he belongs to, not for an european side.

    That said, I agree that he will be a key part of Manchester United.

  9. 61 goals in 30 appearances? Man like Sam making me recheck my math and think this Bernard guy was Pele on roids

  10. If lukaku got all the love from the Belgium fans he wouldn't even be this beast he is today ,more critics more growth

  11. Lukaku was never my first choice striker not even my second or third but I've said he can do better provided he gets the service and if he doesn't get that from the Portuguese pulis jose can piss off. Thanks for this video sam you've kinda changed my perspective on him.

  12. Why the fuck are people criticising him he's a fantastic strong quick fast striker United's all-time goalscorer has had a sensational career so far and yes he does deserve more

  13. he doesn't get the service at united..for that we need a proper right winger and hopefully sanchez will play well in his full season and create lot of opportunity for lukaku.

  14. Lukaku could have scored 4-5 if the team actually passed him the ball. Especially Hazard. It was almost as if he didn’t wanna pass him the ball. Every time he could have got the ball into the box for Lukaku he just passed the ball backwards. The first decent service he got from De Bruyne he buried it. Ball through from Hazard later, buried it again. What a surprise, if you actually give him some service he scores

  15. Agreed……Lukaku has a fantastic attitude and fighting spirit. The number of goals Lukaku got for United was a high point in a pretty depressing season, and from what to be honest was fairly poor service from his team mates. Some of United's best crosses into the box actually come from Lukaku when he moves out wide and he has added that being a provider more to his game too. Imagine how many goals Lukaku could get for United if we played wingers and overlapping fullbacks who could put in decent crosses with the correct foot for the side of the pitch that they actually play on rather than cutting inside all the time. People moan about his poor touch but that is improving and I'm sure he will continue to work at that. Really warming to Lukaku since he has moved to United and so glad we got him instead of Morata!

  16. Absolutely love Lukaku he doesn't get the credit he deserves, his improved a lot and will get much better. If we start creating more chances for him he will easily bang in 35 – 40 goals next season

  17. Love lukaku..hes been my favorite striker in the league since Everton days ..always thought he had all the attributes to develop into the perfect CF

  18. Rom is a beast, give him another season with us, add some more creative and less selfish players around him and he will be on fire for us!

  19. Belgium wont win but one thing we should do in belgium is make him captain
    kompany is always injured its lukaku who always scores hazard just doesnt care about co captain

  20. I think you said the statistic wrongly. Bernard Voorhoof scored 30 goals in 61 appearances not 61 goals in 30 appearances.

  21. Kane is quality but for me lukaku has a higher ceiling. He is stronger, faster, and his buildup play is vastly improving. Going to be world class in 2 years.


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