Grief-Stricken Mother Forgives School Bullies Who Tortured & 'Contributed' To Her Daughter's Suicide

Grief-Stricken Mother Forgives School Bullies Who Tortured & 'Contributed' To Her Daughter's Suicide

Samantha Taylor took it to Facebook and posted a lengthy message where she said that she has forgiven her daughter's bullies.

A grieving mother took it to Facebook to share a heartfelt message where she publicly forgave the school bullies who contributed to her daughter's suicide three months ago, reported the Daily Mail. She has also further appealed to them to make time in future for “gentle and sensitive” individuals.

Samantha Taylor asked the bullies to honor her daughter Jade McGrath who took her own life last November after suffering from long-term mental problems. Taylor took it to social media and described the horrific effect bullying had on her 19-year-old daughter. Along with the post, she also attached a picture of her daughter when she was young and a picture of Jade's gravestone. 


In a very lengthy Facebook post, Samantha said she forgave them as they were 'too young to understand' what they were doing. Her daughter's body was found 11 days later she went missing from New Craigs Psychiatric Hospital in Inverness, Scotland in November 2018. Taylor took it to the social media site yesterday to write a post about her daughter's bullies and addressed the bullies directly, saying, "you know who you are". 


Her mother addressed herself to the people who have mainly excluded, bullied, and assaulted her daughter said, "Although she fought hard and valiantly to overcome the damage that you caused, in the end, she lost her fight, just when she seemed to be finally turning a corner. She never got a chance to do her exams at Millburn because she was too terrified to go to school. That meant no college, so no qualifications, so she was forced to do unskilled low paid jobs."


She continued, "As a result of her sensitive, gentle nature, she found it hard to recover from the bullying and abuse that you inflicted on her. I forgive you because you were only young when you inflicted this damage, too young to understand what you were doing. I know that you will always have the guilt of knowing that you were a contributing factor in our precious Jade's early demise, and that is punishment enough.”


In her post, she also asked people if anyone wants to honour” her daughter’s memory and wants to make time in their lives so that they can help the people with whom they go to college or University with. Taylor also said that this way, they can also help some people who are similar to Jade. In her post, she added, "Gentle, sensitive, quirky people who have trouble fitting in, or try too hard to fit in because they don't think they are good enough just as they are. Go out of your way to include them, give them compliments, boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. Be kind to them and support them."



She ended her post saying, "And when you become parents yourselves, please, please teach your kids to be kind to their classmates. Explain to them that some people take things to heart more than they should, so it's important to be gentle, kind, and inclusive.”

In her post, Taylor also revealed that her daughter was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder and also said that it broke her heart when she saw her daughter slowly break down over the last six years in her life. 


But, what was the most amazing thing about this post from Taylor was that at the end she said that she doesn't have any sort of resentment towards the bullies anymore. In her post, she also mentioned that she wants to make sure no other lives are lost because of bullying. She said, "I am writing this post as a small step towards ensuring that Jade's life was not in vain. It’s all I have the energy to do at this point, just three months after the BPD took her from us." 


Understandably, this heartfelt post went viral instantly and since posting, it has garnered more than 6000 reactions and 5000 comments from the public. A Facebook user named Jane McNamara said, "Beautifully written Samantha Taylor, you’re courage, strength, and forgiveness are truly something to be admired. I’ve shared your message for you, for Jade and for the next child who is falling victim to similar tragic circumstances in the hope that your beautiful words will make a difference."

Another one added, "Wow I bet that was tough to write, beautifully worded I just hope they understand the pain they cause being hurtful. "Don't do to others what u wouldn't like done to urself" Should be instilled in everyone! Xx 💕💔" A third person chimed in saying, "It takes a very strong person to forgive those who caused you and your daughter so much pain. Your words are so powerful Sam, thinking of you all xx." 


A huge search operation was started after Jade disappeared on November 28, last year but her body was found hidden among bushes and trees, close to Kinmylies Building, which was once a children's home. Recently, the number of deaths in the US and UK has drawn widespread attention all over the world.



Even though many people still see bullying as “just part of being a kid,” it is a serious problem that leads to many negative effects for victims, including suicide. The only thing we can hope for right now is that Taylor's post will have some sort of impact, at least in her community and stop this cruel practice for some time. 

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