12 Inexplicable Changes Your Body Goes Through When You Are Pregnant!

12 Inexplicable Changes Your Body Goes Through When You Are Pregnant!

Pregnancy not only changes your life, but it changes your entire body and hormones. Everyday you discover some or the other changes in your body that sometimes are not pleasing!

No matter how blissful giving birth to a child is, those 9 months is no joke. Pregnant women go through inexplicable plights, in terms of health, mental health, and body. There is nothing that can actually describe the kind of weird changes a woman goes through when she is pregnant. Those 9months might feel like agony for many, as their body starts psyching out while they bear a human being inside their body. Here are some frustrated women who are in their pregnancy stage, and who share the kind of changes their body is showing, which they were not prepared for. 



1. You know a woman is lying when she says this-



2. Your first home probably becomes the loo which you go every now and then, only while you are pregnant. You start feeling amused by the capacity your bladder has. 



3. They say you glow when you are bearing a child. Looks like the truth just got revealed!



4. You cannot eat what you want to but have to eat everything that you didn't imagine you will to. 



5. Down there, it feels like havoc, where everything is just coming out, uninvited!



6. You literally get sick of everything, every time, every morning!



7. While you are pregnant, you will feel that you going to die out of heart attack because there will always be heartburns bothering every sleep of yours!



8. This is a nightmare. You will curse your stars for pushing that shit out because they will not come out easily! 




 9. You will be blessed with disproportionate boobs.



10. Something weird called abnormal veins will pop out while you are bearing that child inside. 



11. You can use your pregnancy as an excuse to be forgetful, but you dangerously become one.



12. You will find it hard to recognize yourself. especially, the nose. 



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