South Korean Court Allows The Import Of Life-Sized Sex Dolls Saying It Won't 'Morally' Corrupt Any Individual

South Korean Court Allows The Import Of Life-Sized Sex Dolls Saying It Won't 'Morally' Corrupt Any Individual

The Seoul high court ruled the saying that the import of sex dolls should not be stopped on the grounds thinking that it is morally incorrect.

An appellate court of South Korea has allowed the import of life-size sex dolls and said that the import of these dolls should not be stopped on the grounds that they might morally corrupt any individual, reported Korea Times. In 2017, a company from South Korea made an import declaration of a 159-centimeter-tall headless sex doll that is entirely made out of silicone and resembles a female body. But, Incheon Customs put the entry on hold and said that it corrupted public morals. 



The decision of the appellate court is expected to affect the sex doll industry in Korea because it opens the door to overseas manufacturers. The Seoul High Court also overturned a ruling by a lower court on Monday. The court also ordered Incheon Customs to permit a Korean company to import silicone sex dolls, after the dolls were confiscated in 2017. It was then the company brought the issue up to the court. The company filed a complaint against the chief of Incheon Customs and the first trial ruled in favor of the Incheon Customs chief. 


Under customs law, goods that disrupt constitutional order or disrupt public safety, or corrupt public morals cannot be exported or imported. In order to reverse this decision, the Seoul High Court said that while it may seem vulgar, it does not show the sexual areas in full display and thus, it justifies the claim that destroys human dignity.

The court also added that the country should not interfere with one’s private life to protect dignity and freedom and there are no legal grounds to regulate the import of sexual devices.


The court went ahead to give examples of other countries in Europe, North America and East Asia that do not ban the import, manufacture, and sales of sex dolls as the reason for its ruling. Even though the lower court also ruled in favor of customs saying the dolls would "degrade the dignity of human beings," but it didn't work. The court said, "State interference in private matters should be minimized to protect the freedom and dignity of individuals. Sexual devices should not be treated the same as other obscene materials." 


There is no law in Korea that regulates local makers of sex dolls and the only manufacturer of sex dolls in Korea is Team4U at Guri in Gyeonggi Province. The current decision, according to the newspaper, has implications for the domestic market for sex dolls because it "opens the door to foreign manufacturers". Recently, a man from UK named Daniel Adams from the UK was not found guilty of importing a child sex doll he found online. Adams was looking to buy a sex doll online and said he did not know the doll was designed to imitate a young girl's body.


He also denied buying the 3ft 3in doll knowing it was made for this intention and was acquitted by a jury on Friday, reported Essex Live. Child sex dolls are apparently legal in the UK, but adult sex dolls are not.

The 32-year-old, from Langham, Essex, stood trial at Chelmsford Crown Court and during the trial, the jury found out more details about the sex doll. Christopher Martin QC, who was the prosecutor, told the court, "The sex doll was said, in its online advertisement, to be '100% like a young girl's body'. It measured to be 99cm in length, or height."


He continued, "In the actual advert it is described as being 3ft 3in tall, which you may or may not already know is the height of a young girl between four and six-years-old." The naked doll was then presented in front of the jury. On March 10, 2016, at around 10.50pm, Adams started searching online for a sex doll, the court learned. Martin said, "Whilst he was searching, he opened pages which described sex dolls of 158cm in height which equated to about 5ft 2in." 


Adam bought the doll online on  July 29, 2016, and he paid £500 to the seller who is based in Hong Kong, China. On August 11, 2016, the parcel containing the sex doll was intercepted by a UK Border Force officer at East Midlands Airport. Other items that were found with the package were brown, blonde and pink wigs, a dress and a cleaning kit. The information was then passed on to Essex Police who arrested Adams on October 28, 2016. In an interview, he admitted to buying the doll but was certain the seller had not listed the size.

Before purchasing the item, Adams allegedly had a conversation with the seller and an open investigation was also conducted using Adams' eBay log in to look at his purchase history. Additionally, his laptop, iPhone and iPad were also forensically examined. But, Adams was cleared by a jury today who found him not guilty as there was no evidence that he had committed an offense. 

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