Mother Under Self Imposed House Arrest Because Of Her Ever-Growing 48J Breasts Size

Mother Under Self Imposed House Arrest Because Of Her Ever-Growing 48J Breasts Size

Her enlarged breasts make it harder for her to even breastfeed her son. She has to confine herself within four walls as it is painful too.

Breats are beautiful and every woman should embrace their body no matter it fits under their definition of 'perfection' and 'beauty'. This world has seen millions of women struggling and fighting body stigmas and body shames—in a place where society has put up a hoarding, that cries out loud for women in the magazine covers, and fashion shows, owning 'perfect' skin, body and life.

However, for Fiona Hornby, things are extremely different and unfortunate. Her life is tragically 'ruined' by her breasts that have the ever-growing disorder because of which she has to stay inside the four walls all the time. For Fiona from Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK, things have always been hard as she has struggled with her large boobs and was a C cup when she was just 10.

Alarmingly, her life has succumbed to staying under the house because her breast size has become 48J cups. Her magnanimous size of breasts makes it hard for her to out for shopping and find clothes that could comfortably fit her. She also suffers from acute and agonizing back pain, which adds on to her miserable life, reported The Sun.

Fiona suffers from a rare condition called macromastia, with which she was diagnosed in 2015. The condition results in causing abnormal breast enlargement and has left Fiona with discolored breasts covered in painful sores and rashes. She said, "My huge breasts have ruined my life. They have affected everything. People say 'I wish could swap with you' but I say 'you don't'. They're ruining my life."

She continued explaining her plight, "When I'm in bed it's like I'm suffocating. I can't lie on my front because they're too heavy. It's like having a huge weight on my chest. Getting to sleep can be a real struggle sometimes. If I do washing up I have to take a break halfway through because the pain is terrible. My self-esteem has hit rock bottom, I can't find any clothes that fit and can't wear the same things as people my age."

Before being diagnosed with this disorder, she had a normal and active life where she used to go to the gym. However, now the pain is too much to take in for her, making her harder to go to the gym, dragging her in the perpetual vicious cycle, from where she only can see darkness, reported Daily Mail.

She said, "In 2013 I used to go to the gym and I weighed just seven-and-a-half stone but since my bust has continued to grow it has been impossible to work out. I can't even go on a walk - if I go on a 25-minute walk, I'm just in absolute agony. I want people to understand how hard it's been. I've put weight on because I can't move properly because my boobs are so large. It's a vicious circle."

After she gave birth to her son William, it has become ever harder for her to breastfeed him. She said, "I can't hold my baby close to me because my boobs are so big I can't even see him and he could suffocate. I wasn't able to breastfeed him as a baby. I was terrified I was going to suffocate him because I couldn't hold him properly because I was having to hold my boobs. I couldn't even see his face."

Fiona desperately wants to go under the knife and get her breasts operated. Unfortunately, NHS refused to provide her with the life-changing reduction, therefore, she has started a fundraiser on GoFundMe page hoping to raise £5,500 she needs for the operation. She said, "If I had the operation I'd feel like a new person. I'd be starting life again, I'd be able to go shopping for blouses and clothes I've not been able to wear. Having the surgery will give me the ability to live normally."

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