Granny Panties Are Back! Ladies, make 'room' in your closet

Granny Panties Are Back! Ladies, make 'room' in your closet

The fashion trends these days are adopting more and more trends from the past years and this one is just the latest addition in the growing list!

There was a time when the visible panty line was considered a fashion faux pas. But not anymore. With underwears getting bigger and more out and proud, it is a term that we rarely hear these days. With the rising trend of sheer dresses, it seems the number of companies specialising in luxurious yet simple undergarments is blowing up. Granny panties are just not for grannies anymore. But, let's be honest for a second here. They are not the sexiest of the undies out there. But, if Bella Hadid's latest snap is anything to go by, they are definitely making a comeback.

Bella Hadid/ Instagram

The supermodel took it to Instagram and posted a snap of her leaning against a window in vintage-style knickers that looks very similar to our comfy favourites. Many Instagram users were quick to comment on her 'granny undies' and many even said that she managed to make the giant knickers look sexy. One user said, "Granny panty game strong". Another one added, "Even grandmas panties looks good on her wtf". A third one added, "Grandma is living cool." But Bella Hadid is not the only celeb to show off the old-fashioned lingerie. 


Celebrities such as Chrissy Tegan, Kelly Osbourne, Mindy Kaling, and Anna Faris have posted pictures wearing granny panties and all of them are looking absolutely stunning! But this trend is not only limited to celebrities. As reported by Stuff, during Australian fashion week, Net-a-Porter's Lisa Aiken looked absolutely stunning at the Macgraw show in a sheer dress by Joseph wore over a simple bralette and knickers. The sheer top was also pretty famous during this winter, so much so that even Vogue called it "everyone's favourite 90s trend". Kirby Hughes, the brand manager of Intimo says that the trend has created a "renewed sense of pride in the female body".


She also said that women who have an hourglass figure should mostly look for briefs that comes to the smallest point of the waist and gives full coverage across the buttocks to achieve the most flattering silhouette. She said, "When you're going for a trend that's a bit daring it helps to have a fit professional or a stylist, someone with an objective opinion. Especially if you're going to be photographed. Take the dress with you [to buy underwear] – the last thing you want is to get home and realise it doesn't work." 


Bernadette Kissane, an apparel analyst for Euromonitor, while talking to The New York Times said, "Within millennial and Generation Y consumer groups, it’s considered cool to be wearing full-bottom underwear. Thongs have had their moment.” Recent research has also pointed out that sales of thongs have decreased by 7% over the last year, while underwear styles like the basic brief or the boyshorts have actually risen by 17%. More and more designers and lingerie stores are taking up the trend of selling full-bottomed underwear. Even companies like Victoria's Secret offering hiphugger panties along with other companies offering no-show briefs to avoid the panty lines. 


Feeling sexy is more about how you feel from the inside and how you feel when you look. While some women stick to their tried and true thongs, some women feel that having more options offered for all body types when shopping at lingerie stores means that women can choose to wear what they want to feel sexy and comfortable. The trend was first noted in 2015 by The New York Times where they observed that more and more women are opting for fuller underwear like boy shorts, briefs and high-waist briefs. 


The sales for full-coverage underwear also went up by 129 per cent on fashion retailer Lyst last year, reported Glamour. Lindsey Reeve, the co-founder of Glamour said, "Fuller-coverage styles recall ’90s glamour and ’70s-era defiance, both of which are appealing and aesthetically relevant for different reasons." For many women, full-coverage underwears are much more comfortable than the barely-there thongs and there is a certain sense of freedom that comes when women finally stop caring about wearing super-sexy undergarments. And it makes complete sense as this generation of millennials are known for their love of naps and staying in on Friday nights. 


Apart from that, there is also the fact that men do not really care about what kind of underwear women wear. Hence it makes sense. If men do not give a crap about the kind of underwear we are wearing, why are we stressing out so much? Any guy who loves us will love whatever we wear or don’t wear. After all, what’s more important: being intimate with the guy that we’re madly in love with and feeling close to him, or wearing a thong that looks sexy but makes us feel uncomfortable throughout the day? 

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