Weird Wedding: The Couple Falls In Love With The Bridesmaid And Now They Live Together

Weird Wedding: The Couple Falls In Love With The Bridesmaid And Now They Live Together

Marriage is a complicated thing as it is but how complicated can it get when you invite another person into a relationship that is meant to be monogamous.

A happily ever after following a wedding usually involves the bride and groom starting their life together as husband and wife. But for one couple, things took a different turn. For them, getting married meant becoming a threesome, rather than a twosome when they both fell in love with their bridesmaid. Karalyn Henry, from Ohio, realized she was bisexual after realizing she was attracted to both boys and girls as a teenager. But since she grew up in an Orthodox Christian family, she felt that she should hide her true feelings. When she entered into a monogamous relationship with her boyfriend, she decided to tell him about her desires to have an intimate relationship with more than one partner. 


Karalyn said, "It was around when I was 17-years-old. I grew up Christian, and being gay wasn't something that was talked about very positively in my family (although they think much differently now!). So growing up, when I started getting crushes on boys, I would also get crushes on girls. It was something that I kind of pushed away for a very long time, and just didn't acknowledge that it was even a thing.” After years of denying her romantic orientation, the Ohio-based woman decided to talk to her boyfriend about her feelings.


Her boyfriend, Justin who was soon to become her husband said that he didn't mind if his about-to-be-wife has a girlfriend on the side. While talking to Metro, Karalyn said, "I brought my worries up with my now husband, and he nonchalantly said, ‘Well you can just date a girl on the side. My mind was blown – I didn’t even think that was a possibility, to be honest.”When Karalyn Henry wed her childhood sweetheart Justin last year, her girlfriend was happy to be a bridesmaid. Now, the trio is living in a happy polyamorous relationship. 


The couple met Lana online, who comes from Northern Ireland and Karalyn realized that she has fallen for Lana. Even though her husband did not identify himself to be polyamorous, but when he saw and met Lana for the first time, he felt drawn to her. The trio decided that on their wedding day to enter into a relationship. It was also the first day that they met each other. Now Lana goes to the married couple’s house in the US whenever she can and stays with them.


The newlywed said, "She flew over for our wedding to be a bridesmaid and it was amazing! That was the first time we ever met in real life. It was perfect in every sense of the word, the best day of my entire life. I remember all of us, a little drunk, arms locked, and just going in circles laughing and singing. I cherished every moment of that day, and while I'm sad it's over, I will never forget it!” In the beginning, Karalyn and Lana enjoyed their relationship without involving Justin into the equation. But over time, the trio soon realized they all had feelings for one another.


Karalyn said, "It started out as a Poly V Triad; which means that Lana and I were dating, but not Justin and her. So if you looked at our relationship drawn in a diagram, it would form a ‘V’ with the point at the bottom being myself. When Lana flew over for our wedding, though, they both developed crushes on each other and started dating as well. That turned us into a regular Poly Triad." Both Karalyn and Justin have their time alone with Lana and all three of them also spend time together. 



They even take turns sleeping in the middle as it is regarded as the best spot in a polyamorous relationship. While Lana returned to Northern Ireland after the wedding, all of them lives together when she visits. Karalyn said, "While she was here, it wasn't that hard at all. We all took turns being in the middle of the bed – the best spot in a polyamory relationship. And when she comes back, we have plans to go on dates together and separately. Seeing both of my partners together, holding hands, cuddling – it's adorable, and I'm just so happy to see them so happy!"


While Karalyn says that she has never been happier in a relationship before, but she still faces some challenges. Polyamory isn't accepted in the society and that means there could be a lot of misconceptions regarding it. Regarding that, Karalyn said, "It took me halfway through my first polyamorous relationship before I felt comfortable telling anybody - but they all received it very well. My mother especially! She used to say that there was no way that someone could love both genders, that they were being greedy, and that they should just pick one."


She continued, "But when I came out to her, explained the situation, and she saw how happy I was, and how happy I loved both of my partners; she changed her mind. When Lana was over in the states, my family and my husband's family fell in love with her. It's all been overwhelmingly positive.” She hopes that telling her story to the public will make people realize that they can choose whatever that makes them happy and will open more people’s eyes to the world of polyamory. Karalyn hopes to show people and normalize polyamory and has started a YouTube channel to document parts of her life. She also answers questions about things people want to know about polyamorous relationships.

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