Once Bitten But Never Shy: Instagram Model Gets Bitten By Wild Pig In Between Her Shoot

Once Bitten But Never Shy: Instagram Model Gets Bitten By Wild Pig In Between Her Shoot

Michelle Lewin shared the video on Instagram where she is seen getting bitten by wild pigs on the beach of Bahamas

Natural habitat is one of the best places to try and shoot a commercial or get your new portfolio clicked if you are a model. Or so did the Venezuelan Instagram model Michelle Lewin thought so.

Venezuelan Instagram model Michelle Lewin was enjoying a tropical bikini photo session on the islands of the Bahamas when things went from fun in the sun to beach nightmare, reported Maxim. She just found out how wild island pigs can be. The fitness influencer was seen posing on the sandy beaches of Big Major Cay in Exuma which is a remote area in the Bahamas that is famous for its lush tropical views and a population of wild pigs. 


A number of models and tourists have visited this location to swim with the pigs, but this 32-year-old Instagram model and fitness-guru went to create the same type of exotic photo shoot, which she thought would look absolutely stunning and very glamorous.

She is seen taking a walk along the beach and turns her back on the pigs for a moment. One pig comes running up and bit her right on the backside. Next, the model can be seen and heard shrieking in Spanish and more pigs started running after her. Later on, she posted a picture of her butt that had bite marks which showed two visibly red areas on her butt.


In the viral footage, the blonde model can be seen wearing a skimpy white bikini on the beach. The model shared the videos of the incident on her Instagram story where she is seen lounging in the sand with pigs and piglets, stroking their heads and allowing the piglets to lick her hands. Then she jumped in the water to get a few shots swimming alongside the pigs.

Michelle Lewin/ Instagram

As she turned her back to the approaching pigs, she was bitten by the pigs, reported a local media. According to reports, she has had a tough upbringing as a youngster and became a fitness model and social media influencer through years of building up her profile to now command millions of fans. 


She also shared the video of the entire incident with her 15 million followers as well as a follow-up to her Instagram story, walking along the beach with her husband Jimmy Lewin, looking smiley and at ease following the incident.

Lewin is well-known in the community for her fitness, bodybuilding and bikini modeling and she has been helping out her fans with workouts and nutrition through her website, michellelewin.com.

Michelle Lewis/ Instagram

The area is famous amongst the tourists where they go for a swim with these feral swine, but some of the sites warn the tourist that "No animal encountered on the tour is trained, caged or domesticated in any way. Following guide instructions and using caution and care when interacting with the animals is very important.”

The travel website named 'The Points Guy' has also warned the tourists that some of the pigs are notorious for biting people on their exposed backs when they “think you’re not feeding them.”

Michelle Lewis/Instagram

Another model who experienced not such a pleasant encounter with the pigs on the beach is Chanel Iman. She was on the beach during a photo shoot for the Fyre Festival commercial. She said, "I don’t like going to that island to see those pigs cause they really, really will bite you. If you see the Hulu documentary I am like running, I am jumping in the boat because I don’t want anything to do with getting bitten or getting hurt by the pigs.”

Chanel Iman/Instagram

She added, "I know a lot of the girls are picking up the pigs, holding them, but like it just wasn’t something that I wanted to do." Going by both these models' experience, it goes without saying that the models will need to proceed with caution where these pigs are involved.

Nobody really knows how the pigs came to live there and it is regarded as one of the stuff of urban legends. Some say that a group of sailors dropped them off intending to come back to cook them and when they didn’t return, it is said the pigs survived off food dumped from passing ships.

Chanel Iman/Instagram

Another story says that the pigs survived a shipwreck or that they escaped from a nearby islet. The pigs on the Bahamas have become a global phenomenon but there are concerns they are suffering at the hand of tourists. The visitors of the island have been blamed for feeding the pigs with junk food and alcohol. There have been reports of people of even riding them. 


One of the owner's of the pigs, Wayde Nixon said, "This incident is not going to stop people being able to come to the island. The other remaining pigs are alive and healthy and out on the beach and going.”

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