Mother Gives Birth To 'Designer Triplet Babies' After IVF Specialists Removed The Killer Gene

Mother Gives Birth To 'Designer Triplet Babies' After IVF Specialists Removed The Killer Gene

After Charly King's mother was diagnosed with a fatal brain disease, her daughter was determined her children would not inherit killer genes.

The moment when 30-year-old Charly King came to know about her mother Jane's fatal brain disease, she made sure that none of her babies will be carrying any of these fatal genes. Her determination paid off as she is now a mother of three healthy babies who does not have the killer gene and is born free from the life-threatening condition.

Her three children, named as Jack, Billie, and Spencer King look like any other babies, but what does not show is that they are carefully handpicked in a way by the doctors so that they will not develop the rare illness in future, a disease that is fatal and killed their grandmother. 


Now, it is normal to have the doubt that how these three triplets were handpicked by the doctors so that they will not carry the killer gene? The doctors who created embryos from King's egg and her husband's sperm successfully removed cells to check if they carried the fatal genetic condition. The preimplantation genetic diagnosis costs $6700 and the triplets were guaranteed to be healthy and free from the killer gene even before they entered King's womb.

King had to go to a clinic in Cyprus that put four embryos in her womb because this procedure is not allowed in the UK. After the fertilization happened successfully, King was pregnant with triplets. 


Even though genetic screening is used in England, it is a very rare experience for a woman to carry three babies who are all genetically engineered by the doctors. King said, "'We are just so thankful that our triplets have been born safe and well and free from this disease. It was devastating to lose Mum and now I can be sure that this disease hasn't been passed on to our babies." King works as a Tesco worker and lives with her husband Ryan, who is 33-years-old. King lost her mother when she was three months pregnant, last April.


Her mother, Jane King suffered from Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease, a disease where damaged protein cells called prions kill brain cells. King added, "I wasn't prepared to fall pregnant naturally and risk the baby having this condition. So we decided to have this treatment abroad in Cyprus – and we wanted to try for multiple pregnancies so that we could complete our family in one go." In 2017, the couple flew down all the way to Cyprus, but during their first attempt with gene therapy did not end successfully as Charly suffered a miscarriage. 


During January last year, the couple flew down again last year for a second time and an early scan after the procedure showed that King was pregnant with triplets. It was a difficult pregnancy for King, so much so that the doctors suggested her to terminate the pregnancy as she was suffering from loss of nutrients. All three of her babies were born nine weeks earlier than the usual date and King was allowed to take them home two months later. 


King said, "They are doing really well now. Jack and Spencer now weigh 15lb and Billie is still the smallest at 10lb, but they are all real little fighters." The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority that regulates the UK IVF treatment has recommended that the fertilization clinics can only transfer only one embryo to avoid multiple births, and says three should be the maximum.


Recently, a mother from Copenhagen also made headlines as she shared an image after sharing her growing belly with the world. After giving birth to the triplets, Jorstad has continued her updates, but this time, she is speaking out about her recovering body. Now she has become an inspiration for women all around the world via Instagram as she confesses to the frustration she feels regarding her healing belly.

Her honest posts continue to inform women of the under-publicized aftermath of pregnancy on a woman’s body while creating a group for mothers all over the world who are going through similar experiences. 


People, after going through her posts are calling her a "kickass mom," "super mama," and "powerful woman", and those who follow her posts closely also put in their own opinion, aiming to help others. One person @lomonaco.camila said, "It takes time for the skin and muscles to go back were [sic] they were. Stick to the tummy band and enjoy your babies cause in 6 to 8 months you'll be perfect. As you were before the pregnancy. The female body its [sic] amazing soon youll [sic] doing exercise because youll [sic] be very busy with the babies. You look actually great! Congrats." Another one said, "Respect to you, for showing real life. After two BIG babies my belly never recovered and often wonder how that is for other mothers...” 


While speaking to HuffPost, she said, "It started off with me wanting to document our journey for my family and friends, especially since I live in another country but also because triplets are such a rare thing, I thought people would find it interesting. So I wanted it to be kind of a mini blog where I wrote about both the ups and the downs."

Her most popular post till date was the picture of her belly at 33 weeks and four days which was about two weeks before she welcomed her triplets. In the clip, she describes her bump as "really big," "stretched so bad," and "really heavy as well."


In just a matter of two weeks, the video gained more than 300,000 views. Regarding the video going viral, she said, "I never in a million years expected this little video to go viral! I just thought it would be fun for my about 4,000 followers to see how big it really was. You get another idea from a video than from a selfie in the mirror. I’ve seen other pictures of big bellies before, so I didn’t think it would be THAT spectacular.”

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