R Kelly Claims People 'Handed' Their Children To Him In a Bizarre Television Interview

R Kelly Claims People 'Handed' Their Children To Him In a Bizarre Television Interview

“I’m fighting for my f*****g life! Y’all killing me with this shit! I gave you 30 years of my f*****g career,” says the rapper in an emotional tell-all interview.

"CBS This Morning" host Gayle King sat down with R. Kelly, a musician who was arrested last month after being accused of sexually abusing several women. While viewers probably expected some contentious moments, but one moment left everyone in awe, it was King's composure that left the viewers in awe. R. Kelly conducted his first interview since his arrest on sexual abuse charges and his first interview since the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries aired, reported CNN.

While he was giving the interview, Kelly emphatically denied any wrongdoing as well as all the allegations brought against him that said that he had sexual relationships with underage girls. Some parts of the 80-minute interview aired on 'CBS This Morning Wednesday'.


During the interview, Kelly is heard saying, "I have been assassinated. I have been buried alive. But I’m alive." During various points of the interview, Kelly can be seen agitated at points, yelling directly at the camera and, at one point, standing up out of his chair to say that he was being persecuted. He said, "I’m trying to have a relationship with my kids! And I can’t do it! Y’all just don’t want to believe the truth! You don’t want to believe it!” 


During this, King asked the rapper if he has done anything to defy the law, Kelly very emphatically said that 'absolutely not' and went ahead to list out all the allegations that are brought against him, which are, "Got little girls trapped in the basement, helicopters over my house trying to rescue someone that doesn’t need rescuing because they’re not in my house. Handcuffing people, starving people. I have a harem, what you call it – a cult. I don’t even really know what a cult is. But I know I don’t have one."


He continued saying, "Everybody says something bad about me. Nobody said nothin’ good. They were describing Lucifer. I’m not Lucifer. I’m a man. I make mistakes, but I’m not a devil, and by no means am I a monster." For his situation, he blamed social media, especially,  the #MuteRKelly campaign that heightened the scrutiny against the singer, and the follow-up series 'surviving R. Kelly' that resulted in the termination of his record contract. He said that the documentary spread rumors against him and then launched into an angry monologue where a teary-eyed Kelly stood up and spoke directly at the cameras.


He said, "You can start a rumor on a guy like me or a celebrity just like that. All you have to do is push a button on your phone and say so and so did this to me, R. Kelly did this to me, and if you get any traction from that, if you’re able to write a book from that, if you’re able to get a reality show… then any girl that I had a relationship in the past that it just didn’t work out, she can come and say the same exact thing.”


He continued, saying, "Use your common sense. Forget the blogs, forget how you feel about me. Hate me if you want to, love me if you want. But just use your common sense. How stupid would it be for me, with my crazy past and what I’ve been through – oh right, now I just think I have to be monster, and hold girls against their will, chain them up in my basement, and don’t let them eat, don’t let them out, unless they need some shoes down the street from their uncle!” When things started to heat up a little more than Gayle could handle, she tried to calm Kelly down, but the singer paid no heed to it.


He continued saying, "Stop it. You all quit playing! Quit playing! I didn’t do this stuff! This is not me! I’m fighting for my fucking life! Y’all killing me with this shit! I gave you 30 years of my fucking career! Thirty years of my career! And Y'all trying to kill me? You killing me, man! This is not about music! I’m trying to have a relationship with my kids! And I can’t do it! Y’all just don’t want to believe the truth! You don’t want to believe it!”


Michael Avenatti represents multiple people involved in the latest legal action against Kelly responded to the interview given by Kelly with a series of tweets that slammed Kelly’s CBS This Morning performance. In a second clip posted by the news channel, King asked Kelly about his alleged history of sexual relationships with underage girls and younger women. He said, "I don’t look at much younger than me. I just look at legal… One might be older than the other. One might be younger than the other, okay? So I just look at legal." When Gayle focused on the point that if Kelly is someone who loves younger women, he said, "I’m an older man that loves ALL women.”


Two women, Joycelyn Savage, and Azriel Clary, who are still in a relationship with the singer instead blamed the girls' parents for 'handing their daughters' to him. He said, "What kind of father, what kind of mother, would sell their daughter to a man. How come it was okay for me to see them until they weren’t getting no money from me.”

Kelly even said that the Clary family “sold” their daughter to Kelly, the parents responded in a statement via Avenatti. 


The 52-year-old singer was charged last month in Chicago with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four women, three of whom were minors at the time. He was released from jail last week after a woman describing herself as a friend of the singer who posted for a bond of $100,000. He was arrested after a lifetime documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly,” brought new attention to accusations that he had mistreated women and revived prosecutors’ interest in his behavior.


Jerhonda Pace, one of the women he is charged with sexually abusing as a minor took it to Instagram and Twitter that what she saw in the interview “was a man that needs help.” She wrote, "For decades he’s been around enablers who never told him the truth. Him believing he’s doing no wrong is no different than an adult telling a child Santa is real.”

According to the prosecutors, another underage girl was the same one who appeared in a sex tape with Kelly resulted in him being charged with child pornography charges. Since the girl did not testify, Kelly was found not guilty after his lawyers successfully argued that his identity could not be proved.


In the interview, Kelly referred to his acquittal saying, "You can’t double jeopardy me like that. You can’t. It’s not fair.” The new charges involving that girl are based on a newly obtained videotape, which is about two decades old and that surfaced from someone who was in contact with Kelly. That person recently handed over the tape to Michael Avenatti. In the tape, the girl refers several times to having 14-year-old body parts and, according to Avenatti the acts mentioned in the video were different from those at the center of the 2008 case. Hence, that eliminates the possibility of double jeopardy. 

King also mentioned that Lady Gaga had recently apologized for having collaborated with Kelly on a song several years ago. Regarding that, Kelly said, "She’s a very great talent and it’s unfortunate that her intelligence goes to such a short level when it comes to that.” Another part of the interview covered allegations separate from his criminal case that includes that he has held women in a kind of sexual and emotional captivity, dictating their every move, including when they can go to the bathroom. The parents of two women blamed Kelly for brainwashing their daughter. 

About this, Kelly said, "I love them. It’s like they’re like my girlfriends. We have a relationship. It’s real and I know guys like — I’ve known guys all my life that have five or six women, okay. So don’t go there on me.” Regarding the age, Kelly said, "I don’t look at much younger than me. I just look at legal,” and that he was an “older man that loves all women." The singer also said that the women’s parents had encouraged their daughters to get close to the singer so that they can jump-start their musical career. He said, "What kind of father, what kind of mother would sell their daughter to a man?" He also added that Clary’s parents had wanted her to have sex with him. 

An interview conducted with Clary and Savage will air this Friday. An excerpt that was aired this Wednesday where Clary can be seen visibly upset. Clary said, "I’m crying because you guys don’t know the truth. You guys believe in some facade that our parents are saying; this is all lies for money. If you can’t see that, you’re ignorant, and you’re stupid."

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, a court ordered that if he did not pay his ex-wife the $161,663 he owes her in child support by Wednesday morning, he could be jailed for failure to pay. Until Wednesday it was unclear if he has paid or not. 


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