A 'Cheesy' Move! People Throwing Cheese At The Face Of Their Babies Is The Most Viral Trend Of 2019

A 'Cheesy' Move! People Throwing Cheese At The Face Of Their Babies Is The Most Viral Trend Of 2019

People are throwing cheese at their babies and the siblings and this viral trend is the most 'what the heck' trend of 2019 as of now.

The sudden growth of social media has brought with it some strange modern phenomena. More often than not, these are often harmless, generally silly dares that teenagers and adults are drawn to with or without the influence of the internet.

When social media appears in the mix, it enables them to share the videos and pictures of them performing dares to get a bigger audience so that they can up the thrill factor and potential for gaining respect, likes and followers, making it even more tempting to get involved. To do the good deed, charities have come forward to do some good. 


The Ice Bucket Challenge raised money for motor neurone disease charities, the no-makeup selfies supported cancer research and the ever-popular November takes place each year to support men’s health issues. Even though some people have questioned people’s real motives when getting involved in some of these campaigns, they are still a very effective way of raising money for a good cause.

The latest internet sensation that has taken the internet by storm is known as 'cheesing'. It is nothing but throwing slices of American cheese at a baby's face and posting their reactions.


Now, many people have questioned saying that what is cheesing and why are people cheesing babies? If you are not familiar with this internet phenomenon, then let me get you upto speed. People have been throwing slices of American cheese at their loved ones and the internet meme is so popular that even the Jonas Brothers had to get in on the action.

The prank, which is accompanied by the hashtag #cheesed, was started by @unclehxlmes on Twitter where he “cheesed” a baby in a since-deleted Tweet. Some people cheesed their moms, dads, girlfriends or dogs instead, with the dogs definitely more receptive to having a piece of cheese thrown in their faces. 


The peculiar prank has taken the internet by the storm, but like any other popular subject, it has met with its own share of controversy. One of the earliest cheesing tweets emerged three days ago from a user named shelbyjane, a mum-of-three from Florida in the United States and her video has been retweeted more than 1,300 times. When it comes to the babies, some of them smile when the cheese is thrown on their face some try to eat it, and others look visibly confused. 


Since this trend blew up, hundreds and thousands of people have taken it to Twitter and  Instagram or Facebook for their own version. Even though some children have been smiling, laughing and in some cases eventually eating the cheese thrown at them, some other children appear shocked or even upset to have been hit by the cheese, which has led some people to believe on social media accusing those taking part of child cruelty. Children's Rights executive director Sandy Santana cautioned parents about the challenge but mentioned that it cannot be constituted as abuse. 


She said, "This phenomenon is not child abuse and is generally not meant to harm the child. But parents should, first and foremost, treat their children with care. Throwing cheese at helpless babies can, in some cases, shock them and lead to unnecessary discomfort. Is that really worth a few social media likes?”

Even model and actress Chrissy Tegan was unimpressed with the challenge, and posted her opinion to Twitter, saying, "I love a prank as much as anybody, but I cannot get myself to throw cheese at my adorable, unsuspecting baby who has all the hope and trust in the world in me."


A mom from New York participated in the challenge and vouched that the prank is pretty harmless. The woman, named Lauren Jorgenson said, "You gotta learn how to live a little. He isn’t upset. It’s not like I threw a bag of flour at his face. We all have our different ways of parenting, mine’s just a little cheesy!”

Even though there has been a lot of support from people all over the internet saying that it is a harmless phenomenon, the number of people raising their voice against the trend is growing more and more by each passing day. 


Maybe it is because of the very audible smacks that start to ruin these videos for people or it could be because we feel bad for laughing at the expense of babies who had no defense against something being flung onto their adorable little faces. Apart from that, the whole idea of sharing embarrassing moments of your baby, who will eventually become an adult, might be a reason for embarrassment. 

From the Tide Pod challenge to the “Bird Box” challenge, the internet has churned out its share of crazy ideas, but it seems like cheesing babies on the face might take the cake, or in this case, the wheel!


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