11 Ridiculous Misconceptions Men Have About Periods & They Are Outright Funny

11 Ridiculous Misconceptions Men Have About Periods & They Are Outright Funny

Since men do not go through the monthly cycle of torture it is a given that they don't know have any in-depth knowledge about periods, but these misconceptions are...well...something.

As Rachel Greene said once, 'No Uterus, no opinion', it still stands true to this date. Dear men, we understand that you do not have to go through the monthly cycle of torture, so we understand that you don't know every single medical detail about them, and that’s fine. And we also understand that our educational system hasn't been particularly open about this subject either. But having said that both men and women have been co-existing for centuries.

But, men and women do live on the same planet and it is important to know and try to understand the basic anatomy of your counterpart. When it comes to periods men have many misconceptions. While some try to clear their doubts about this monthly visitor, many stay for long with these misconceptions which are are not just downright weird but is also flabbergasting! Read on to know more about the weirdest misconceptions men have regarding menstruation!

1. Period blood is blue



Well...women are not smurfs and our blood magically doesn't magically change colour when we are on our period. The sanitary napkin advertisements that you see on TV are for mere representational purpose and there's nothing blue about it! 

2. Pads are diapers for women



"In school, there was this girl who went to the bathroom for 15 minutes after every period ended. I asked a guy what was wrong with her and he said that she is going to change her pads since girls could not control their pee like us boys. For the longest time, I believed that pads are nothing but diapers for women." Well, no they are not diapers. They are pads, sanitary napkins!

3. If women are in a bad mood we are either PMSing or on our period



Well, it is true that women go through a number of mood swings during their period, but that does not mean every time we are in a bad mood, we are either PMSing or on our period. We could be very well be pissed with something you did (or not), or we might be in a bad mood that has got nothing to do with our period. There is no point blaming our period for our bad mood, because like any other human being we all go through mood swings. 

4. Women make a big deal about cramps


Have you ever gone through the entire day when it feels like someone is slowly drawing razor blades through the inside of your stomach and you can do nothing about it? No right? Then do not underestimate the pain women go through while they are on their periods. Cramps are insanely painful and sometimes they are so bad that we can barely move or talk. Try bleeding for 5 days, along with the severe pain, and work simultaneously. Then we will talk okay?

5. PMS is an excuse and it is not a real thing


This is why I say, read before making any comment that is going to make you look like an idiot. PMS is a very real thing and it does not come alone. It brings its friends such as mood swings, cramps, and weird ass cravings along with it. 

6. Women can use diapers instead of pads


Really? Are men actually this dumb or they just say these things in order to piss women off? Even though they might be kind of similar, but diapers and pads are two very different things that serve two very different purposes! 

7. We wear tampons or pads all time as a precaution



"My male friend thought all females wore tampons all the time. As in all day every day, just in case their periods started. Because their periods came suddenly and forcefully like an explosive ruby geyser"- irishygritte. Well, do eat tablets for cold/cough/fever just as precaution so you don't catch cold/fever? No right, that's our answer too!

8. We can choose when our period starts



"An ex used to think I chose when my period was, like 'I want to start on the Tuesday, and finish on the Saturday' and my body did it. He was horrified to learn it usually starts when it feels like it. I only 'know' when mine is due because I'm in the pill, so there is only one week it can do anything. When I then further explained that no pill means it's free game, he couldn't comprehend it"- kezza596. Wowwwwww, only if that was an option with us!

9. We have to stay home during our period



"I was once chatting to a close, male online friend about what I'd been up to over the weekend. After a while, he was like 'hang on, I thought you were on your period...?" It took me a really time to understand what the issue was, but essentially he was surprised/confused that I'd been shopping and for lunch with friends and to a party while on my period. When I asked what he thought I did while I was on it, he was like "I figured you'd just stay at home.' Nope, you'll be surprised to learn we're still allowed to interact with the rest of the world."

Yes, we women when on our periods do our daily chores like how we do any other given day!  

10. We pee blood



Women do not pee blood! Never. Ever! We pee and we bleed. These are two very different things! And they come from two very different orifices! 

11. Period blood can be held in, like urine


Contrary to popular belief, getting your period is not the same as urinating. Nevertheless, some men believe that it is, in fact, very similar to urinating. Some men think that women somehow have the superhuman ability to hold period blood inside, like pee. This basically means that any woman who leaks on her clothing, mattress, or any other surface is willfully soiling herself. For the record, we do not have any control over when our period happens, neither is there any pause button. 

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