'Buckle Bikini' Is The New Trend That Has Got The Models Clenching Their Vaginas

'Buckle Bikini' Is The New Trend That Has Got The Models Clenching Their Vaginas

This sexy swimwear trend that has taken by storm, but some people say that the latest trend is the proof that fashion has gone out of hand.

There is a new bikini bottom trend in the market that is taking the internet by storm. Going by all the new trends related to bikini, especially the ones like duct tape bikini and sideboob swimwear, it does not surprise us that another trend has taken the internet by the storm, welcome, the buckle bikini. A brand called 'Fashion Nova' shared the photo of a bikini with a buckle underneath and a pair of bottoms with buckles on the sides. Soon enough, the buckle bikinis became very popular with fashion fans and Instagram stars alike and they have started hitting the beach with the new trend. 


The swimwear is considered unique because of its buckle and strap design. Instead of tying the straps on the side, the triangle two-piece fastens with buckles. This micro bikini uses only a tiny patch of fabric to protect your modesty and is held on by buckled straps. Understandably enough, people have called this bikini 'ridiculous'. The bikini comes with a price tag of $31 was shared on the Fashion Nova’s Instagram page where people are going crazy to get a hold of the itsy-bitsy item. 



One desperate user wrote, "I searched for this on your site and nothing comes up..?” Another one wrote, "When will this be available again please?" Even though many people called this bikini trend for their “unrealistic” piece of swimwear, declaring it would be impossible to wear. One angry user wrote, "Is this humanly possible to wear cuz like what the actual f**k?" Another one wrote, "My momma would kill me if I wore something like this to the beach.” Some other people said that looking at the swimwear made them feel uncomfortable and also said that the item was ridiculous. 




The red and white colour bikini is a variation on the high-waisted design from Beginning Boutique that rocked Australia to its core in January and has even been modelled by the Perth-based fashion blogger that caused the fans to seriously consider buying the impractical piece of swimwear even more. After she posted the photos on Instagram wearing the buckle bikini, her entire comment section was flooded with comments, with people praising her looks. One person said, "Beautiful swimsuit!!" Another one said, "I like your bikini." Another one said that it is a beautiful bikini. 



These days, it seems like swimwear fashion is all about the tinier the better, no matter how impractical the piece of clothing may be in the water. Last week, the bikinis made headlines that left people calling out the bizarre item to be painful to wear. It is very evident that people are loving the swimwear as it is completely sold out online. But, one thing needs to be taken into consideration. Of course, it looks very flattering on the model but since she has a body that belongs to approximately 0.0005 per cent of the population.



But it is also worth noting the fact that for most of us, this style of bikini would explicitly display labia and that's not entirely appropriate when going for a leisurely swim. Some people compared the bikini to a seatbelt there has no car, or it has a bum bag. Another one said, "It looks like a permanent state of a slingshot." Another user showed their concern saying that "Is anyone else worried her flaps are going to fall out tho?" Another user added, "It looks like she got stuck in one of those child swings as a young child and she's just grown into it."




Another viral trend that has taken the internet by the storm is the 'naked bra', which was slammed by women as an expensive piece of string. It is sold by the outlet 'Fashion Nova' for $57, but while it looks incredibly sexy, some people have spotted a major problem. Understandably enough, people asked how long does it take to wear the strappy design and to take it off. One user wrote, "Ok but imagine how long it took to put that on lmao.” Another one added, "First off, there’s no way I would ever figure out how to put this on & I know for sure myself, & no man is gonna know how to take it off either.” Even though some people are scratching their heads over the barely-there design, others were ready to brave the bold lingerie trend.



One person who loved the complicated piece of lingerie said, "I’m buying this ASAP!” Another one said, "F**k the Victoria secret one I’m getting this one”. But, even though it received its share of praise, most of the people, especially women online said that it is nothing but an expensive piece of string. One person said, "I didn’t know pieces of strings could cost so much." Another user compared it to dental floss saying that he had no idea dental floss can be that expensive. 

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