Jeffree Star Was Forced To Undergo Recreative Surgery After Doctor Secretly Injected Silicone In His Lips

Jeffree Star Was Forced To Undergo Recreative Surgery After Doctor Secretly Injected Silicone In His Lips

The YouTube beauty super-vlogger said, "It has haunted me" after he found out that his doctor injected his lips with sillicone

Youtube sensation Jeffery Star revealed that he was left with botched lip surgery after a doctor secretly injected silicone, reported The Sun. The 33-year-old YouTube star has been having lip fillers to hide the lumps under his lips after his doctor injected him with lips fillers for years now. Recently, he came clean to his to his followers about how he has been living with botched lips for a decade now. Now, he’s opening up about the botched lip fillers he got and his journey to fixing the damage.


He said that ten years ago, a doctor allegedly injected him with two syringes of lip injections after a doctor secretly mixed silicone in with temporary filler before injecting it into his pout. In the recent YouTube video that he posted recently, the make-up mogul opened up about the horrifying discovery before giving his 12 million subscribers a behind-the-scenes look at his lip re*vision procedure, which was done by Dr. Will Kirby earlier this month. 


He said, "Ten years ago, I was botched,' he said at the start of the clip. 'You guys have been staring at me for years now on YouTube, and you may have noticed something wrong with my face — you may not." The beauty vlogger also added that he never felt insecure about having smaller lips, but he wanted them to be 'fuller' and 'bigger. When he was 18 or 19, years old he was working for  MAC cosmetics and one of his co-workers had large 'porn star lips' that he was in awe of.



He said, " I was memorized,' he recounted. 'I was like, "Wow, I want bigger lips." His colleague gave him a number of a doctor down the street, but he had no idea that he would live to regret the decision to see him.  He said, " I don't regret much,' he said. 'I regret ever meeting that doctor. I regret ever going into his office, and I regret ever letting him touch my face." He stressed on the fact that fillers are not supposed to be permanent, and when he went to see the doctor in Beverly Hills to get a temporary filler, he had no idea it would cause him ten years of insecurity.   



He said, " I go to this person; he allegedly used about two syringes for my bottom and top lips total. Okay, now, I didn't notice anything was wrong until about a year later. 'I discovered a few years after that that this doctor had mixed in silicone with Juvederm. I never asked for that. I never knew he was doing this, so I really don't know why this person did this."


The make-up mogul also said that the lumps may not be noticeable to everyone, but he explained how they were visible when he moved his mouth or smiled.  He added, " Underneath my lips, for years and years now, has been silicone that has made me insecure. 'It has embarrassed me. It has made me feel weird when I am doing photo shoots. It is something that I have to airbrush in some pictures when I am in different angles. It is something that has haunted me for a long time."


For many years, he has had his dermatologist Dr.Kirby  mask the bumps lip with injections because he wasn't ready for surgery. Even though they were not painful, he could feel the lumps with his tongue and noticed they got worse as he got older. The YouTuber also documented his dermatologist, Dr. Kirby, surgically removing the silicone from his lips.  The doctor said that he believed it was silicone that was injected into Jeffree's lips, but he said he wouldn't know for sure until they sent a sample to a lab for testing.


He also admitted saying that he didn't know the name of the doctor for years. When he gets to know the name of the doctor and got to know what has happened, he was unable to sue him because the statute of limitations had run up.  He added, " Whether it's a hairdresser, a tattoo artist, a plastic surgeon, someone that just does fillers, please do your research.


Before the doctor started with the procedure, he had to determine that it was even possible for him to remove the silicone at that time. Thankfully, the injector didn't know what he was doing and the silicone was very superficial. The doctor also explained that it was deep into his lips and mangled with his vessels and nerves, he would have to be to put under anesthesia and endure a difficult lip revision procedure. 


Krby first punctured Jeffery's skin to see if anything would come out. After he realized, nothing came out of his lips, he proceeded forward with cutting into the lip. He cut out entire strips of silicone from both the left and right side of Jeffery's lips before stitching him back up. Jeffery said that his lips started to swell almost immediately after, but his doctor assured him that  it was 'going to look good in a couple of days.'


He said, "It's very wormy and I hate that word."'For how much trauma I had done, I will say this, it's not as swollen as it probably could be." After five days, he put makeup for the first time since his procedure. Even if his lips looked a little swollen,  they weren't as puffy and his stitches had started to come off. He ended the video saying that they weren't as puffy and his stitches. He said, " I feel so much better already because I looked in the mirror this morning again and I smiled and I could actually see . . . full teeth.


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