Size Eight Woman Who Eats Two Pizzas DAILY And Never Gains Weight Is Making Everyone Jealous AF!

Size Eight Woman Who Eats Two Pizzas DAILY And Never Gains Weight Is Making Everyone Jealous AF!

A 30-Year-old woman from Essex says that she eats two pizzas every day and still has maintained her weight of 9st 4lb.

Losing weight is the biggest nightmare! Every time we have that extra dessert or munch on some extra fries our guilt levels shoot up faster than our weight. However, the most annoying thing is to watch another person who can gulp down an entire pizza, extra fries, soda, and cupcakes and still never puts on weight! Isn't it?

A 30-year-old entrepreneur named Ria Carroll said that she hides secret stashes of biscuits in her room and also in her bedside table has finally revealed how she manages to keep her slim figure even though she does no exercise, reported Daily Mail. Carroll, who belongs from Essex was filmed around the clock for Channel 4's 'The Secret Lives of Slim People' in a way to discover how exactly she manages to maintain her slim figure despite not doing any exercise. She said that she does not exercise and is existing on a diet of takeaways, biscuits and junk food.

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Even though many of us wonder what the secret might be for people who stay so slim without exercising and eating healthily, experts believe the rumors are true and it really might be down to genes. As she appeared on the show, she had cameras filming her every move for the show.

The viewers of the show watched as she devoured pizza, countless takeaways and snacked on biscuits all day. She revealed that her parents and grandparents are both of slim size and she thanks her genes and she thinks that she can eat what she wants because she's genetically predisposed to staying thin.   


The TV show examined her lifestyle in minute details that were titled as 'The Secret Lives of Slim People'. Even her own parents were surprised by the fact that she never gains weight and said that they have no idea where she puts all of the food.

Apart from her love for biscuits, her parents revealed that Ria either eats out or orders takeaway every single day.  Her father George said, "We do laugh sometimes and say one of these days you're going to wake up and be 17 or 18 stone because it's caught up with you."


During the show, Carroll revealed that she has breakfast in bed and keeps her favorite breakfast in her bedside table for snacking purposes. She loves them so much that she keeps the biscuits hidden around her dress shop so that the snacks are always close by.

She doesn't exercise and her parents drive her to work, even though her office is only 10 minutes walk from her home. After scientist Amanda Ursell watched the camera footage of Carroll's daily life, she was baffled. 


It was revealed that  Ria eats well over the recommended 2,000 calories per day, scoffing 2,800. As she has a habit of sharing her meals, presenter Sabina Grant wondered if it could account for a form of portion control.  But Amanda was not so sure about it.

Even though she admitted that she was stunned by Carroll's diet, she said, "She is such an interesting lady. She eats with friends, so she shares her food. She has more calories than she needs." Rc Institute of Metabolic Science Addenbrookes Hospital, Professor Sadar Farooqi, from the Wellcome Trust in Cambridge, revealed that during a recent study has identified that some people are biologically programmed to be slim. 


She said, "What we decided to do was try to find people who are really thin but clinically are well." After studying 3,000 people, Professor Farooqi was able to identify that genes help to regulate weight and allow people to stay thin. She said, "What we see is thinness is highly heritable and runs in families."

Even though it seems like common sense, Farooqi went on to say that this is the first time there has been scientific evidence to back up the idea. She said, "There are some genes that predispose people to gain weight and some people who struggle with their weight have more of those genes."


She added, "This research shows for the first time that healthy thin people are generally thin because they have a lower burden of genes that increase a person’s chances of being overweight and not because they are morally superior, as some people like to suggest. It’s easy to rush to judgment and criticize people for their weight but science shows that things are far more complex. We have far less control over our weight than we might wish to think.”


Carroll revealed that her parents have always been slim as were her grandparents that means that she has perhaps been lucky enough to inherit their genetic disposition. After receiving this news, she said that she will be celebrating the news with some pizza.

The viewers of the show were in awe of Carroll's slim figure and took to Twitter to share their thoughts. One person commented, "How depressing is 'The Secret Lives of Slim People' watching people eat and eat, no exercise and still slim." 


Another one wrote, "Watching Secret Lives of Slim People. My people! Nice to see something positive about weight instead of obesity, and reassuring to find we're not all anorexic or freaky eaters." 

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