Vicious Tinder Date Leaves A List Of Horrible 'Suggestions' 3 Months After First Date

Vicious Tinder Date Leaves A List Of Horrible 'Suggestions' 3 Months After First Date

Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford shared the vile and disgusting messages she received from a man after three months of their first date.

 A woman was left mortified after she received a list of 'tips' on how she could improve herself by a Tinder date, three months after going on a date with him, reported The Sun. After receiving such demeaning messages, she had her confidence completely knocked. The 24-year-old woman named Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford received 15 pieces of advice suddenly that included the insensitive man asking her that she should lose weight, change her make-up and wear a lower cut top in order to show off her cleavage. The man, on the messages, said that these are the main fifteen reasons why he chose not to message her after their first date. 

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The pair went on a coffee date at Costa where things got off to a good start. Sensing that both of them are having a good time, they then went to a pub in the Lake District for dinner where things quickly turned sour. During the date, the man asked Kimberley if she plans on going under the knife to make herself look better and he was also offended when Kimberly offered to pay. Kimberley quickly realized that the man wasn't 'The One', as he proceeded to show his bank balance once she offered to pay for the food. 


As the date ended, both of them said their goodbye to each other and she didn't think much more of it until she received an unbelievable message out of the blue three months later. The man says he wanted to explain why he didn't message her after the date, revealing he believed she "could have made the date much better".

He also went on to say that she should follow all these pointers so that she could do to better herself, saying he "might consider" another date with her if she follows them all. The first thing he points out is her appearance. 


He also says that she would look incredible if she lost some weight and also suggested that it would be better if she loses a stone. Next, she talks about her complexion and advice her to get a fake tan. He goes forward, saying, "You have quite big boobs so you should show off your cleavage more."

He also asks her to wear clothes that are more fitted to her body saying, "Just so I'm not embarrassed to be seen with you." He also points out her hair telling her to dye it natural color and get extensions. 


Contradictorily enough, he asks her to look more natural and wear less make-up, but also says she should consider getting lip filler. After extensively shaming her appearance, he then goes ahead to tell her that she needs to be more confident and also questions her choices as he felt that he deserved a kiss after their first date. He wrote, "The fact you take things slow makes you look like a prude. I didn't get a kiss which messed with my ego. Be more sensitive to others' feelings. When we got food, I know you got a salad but having full-fat coke is more calories you don't need."


If you think he is done, you are wrong. In the last and final five messages, he takes a huge dig on her personality, and asks her to stop talking about her past as he "doesn't care about it". He also holds Kimberley responsible for not having a sense of humor as she didn't laugh at his jokes and has a go at her for not giving him a compliment. He wrote, "You just seemed a bit stuck up. Sort your personality out. You made me feel shit when you offered to pay. It's like you thought I didn't have enough money after telling you how much is in my account."


After saying so many things to her, he ended his monologue saying, "If you take these on board I might consider another date. I will give you a month to get back in touch to see if this made a difference. Good day to you Kimberley.” He even spelled her name wrong while ending the long rant!

Kimberley said, "At first I was absolutely mortified and it killed my confidence, but the more I read it the funnier it became. I couldn’t understand how a guy could say such things to a woman." She said that the only tip he will give her is to respect women as his behavior is disgusting.


She then went ahead to share the unbelievable messages on Facebook where her post has since received more than 16,000 shares. She captioned her post, writing, "Imagine being so far up your own a** you'd send this to a girl 3 months after a date.” Since sharing the post online, people were outraged with many commenting on ways she could get revenge on the man.

One person wrote, "I’d agree to another date and once he turned up I’d order the biggest, most expensive meal on the menu, ask for it in a takeaway container and leave him with the bill, leaving without a goodbye. A**hole deserves his time wasted."


Another person questioned, "Is this bloke for real." Another person suggested how she can send a similar message by writing, " Me: Hello [Jim], I know we went on a date quite a while ago now but I’d like to explain why I haven’t messaged you either. 1) you’re a piece of s***…that’s all.” She also received a lot of comments on her support, with one person writing, "Wow what a d***. No girl should have to change anything for a man. You’re beautiful how you are and he’s just too dumb to see that."


After receiving all the messages on her support, Kimberley wrote, "After reading through the comments and messages I genuinely can’t believe how many times this has happened to people. You are all perfect in your own way and never let any assholes or bitches tell you otherwise." 

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