Woman's Tinder Date Who She Thought Was 'The One' Texted 'Five Devastating Word' That Shattered Her World

Woman's Tinder Date Who She Thought Was 'The One' Texted 'Five Devastating Word' That Shattered Her World

Online dating is a risky place to be and this woman learned it the hard way. She had no idea what was happening with her till the time she read the text she received!

Tinder is a complicated place to be, especially for those who are looking for something serious at first go. This woman learned it through the hard way about complications online dating can cause, and how devastating it can get too if it's too late. All this while, Alita Brydon thought that she had found 'the one'. Little did she know that there was a big secret the man was living with, reported Mirror.



It was a hopeful day for her as she got home from what she hoped would be the first of many dates with the guy she matched with on Tinder. The pair had been in touch via texts for some time. They found it hard to meet each other for a date until the day finally came. She wrote for Mama Mia, and said, "One day, while wrangling my niece in the park, I got the message. 'I'm in town this weekend,' he wrote. 'Let's get a drink.' Finally - it was happening. I saw him confidently approaching me, striding past the Asian grocer, the dingy Chinese takeout."



His first gesture was something that left her in shock and a bit confused. She said, "Without saying a word he laid his lips on me, laid his palm on my lower back and kissed me. It was happening. Everything was coming together. A split second later it was 2 am and I was at home in bed by myself, shell shocked. The date was over. I'd met him. I'd met the one."


However, the flattery feeling soon ended up for Alita as she woke up to something devastating and traumatizing. She woke up to a text, that read, "Stay away from my boyfriend." She took a whole to understand what exactly happened and soon realized the person whom she thought could be 'the one' had already been dating another woman, and in fact, had met her parents and even bought her a ring.



Alita added: "I explained to her I did not know who she was. And then she started to tear shreds from my heart. He was with her. He met her after he matched with me. He'd met her family. They were going to move in together. He'd bought a ring. I apologized to her. Explained myself. And with no words blocked him. I would never pursue a man who had a partner. And I would do anything to undo hurt caused to the woman I upset. But I did not know. So, all I can take from the experience is a piercing and cold lesson. Be careful who you trust."

Even though her heart and trust broke, she was more worried about the woman that man was committed too. Online dating apps and the entire online dating world is a dark place to be for those who are not smart enough to tread carefully.

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